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Every time I see the word "indigestion" the song "Interjections" from Schoolhouse Rock jumps into my head. It actually works here.

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It wasn’t until after I submitted this design that I discovered another had already been submitted with a similar concept (newbie mistake), so I contacted Threadless to ask that they decline it, and they told me the two are dissimilar enough to not be a problem.

I just thought I’d mention that before someone gave me the skunk eye.

I’m also aware that bananas and pears aren’t what one would associate with indigestion, which is fine since the title was a last minute addition and not my original intention (I just had dancing fruit on the mind). Looking at the completed piece, and thinking what it would feel like to have something dancing in my stomach made me think of the title.

So that’s it. Enjoy.

I think it looks best in a shade of red, but what do I know?

Jazz hands


Print it and I'll buy it
Kelly green!


I just like the dancing fruit.

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Thank you for all the comments and suggestions.

I agree that the stomach juices should be three-dimensional. That can be corrected easily. Making the fruit bigger, however, is a little trickier. The shape of the stomach limits what I can put inside it. But I’m sure it can be adjusted some.


The pear is so cute! :D



some idiot ate a whole banana, peel and all.

really, though, it's cute.

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