Bad Teddy

Design by plasmanter


wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is great ...


Luke Chueh? Sorry, I don't see it. Yeah, they both feature cute animals, but the style is totally different.

Maybe I could see it with the Xed eyes, but you might as well say it resembles KAWS.

I love the shirt, but I would buy it if it didn't have the thought bubble. I think the bear's intent is clear with the evil eyebrows alone, and the thought bubble kind of belabors the point.


yeah, good point, it looks like kaws.

plasmanter profile pic Artist

What´s Kaws???


Rats, I didn't to imply it looked like KAWS, just the opposite. I meant that if you're going to say it looks like Luke Chueh you might as well say it looks like KAWS too because they use similar elements. But they're clearly not the same. People have been using Xs in animation to denote death forever. I think this shirt's great. $5


brasil representando!
5 pra ti meu brother!

Ava Adore

very nice!

plasmanter profile pic Artist

Erin, não sei se ganhei...hehehe... mais tmb espero que dê algum resultado por lá! bjosss!


this is awesome but you'll get a few comparisons to Luke Chueh i'm sure! Well done anyway

plasmanter profile pic Artist

No i don´t...I don´t even know him!!! :( i donnnnnnnnnnnnnn´ttttttt....

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