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Good Morning!

Design by eskimokiss

Good Morning! by eskimokiss on Threadless
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The colors are awesome.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Old sketches are great when they work as layouts, and this does. Nice color, type works well with the design, but the sink doesn't seem to be interacting in the same way as the other three object, so that's a bit odd. I've had mornings like this.


I loved your last 'old sketch' submission and I love this one too. 5 & $ all the way :)

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

very weird...i like weird!

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

awesome. Another good design with fonts. I love this on the tan. Absolute great job and props for the work on those letters!

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

plus there's straightening gel, for ultra straight jet black hair.
And notice how the blow dryer and straightner are 'blue'
This is as emo as I get

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

You're right. I sketched this a while back(It's a really small sketch, about 5cm x 10 cm) then scan it. When preparing/colouring these 'sketchy' designs I've been submitting of late I use photoshop (although I usually trace a sketch in illustrator if I want a smooth look.)

Once opened in photoshop (btw I scan the image at 600dpi) I then select the outline of the sketch with the magic wand tool. Make another layer, paste the selection. Colour the selection whatever colour i want. Clean it up with the eraser and/or paintbrush.

Then I make another layer under the outline. This layer is my fill. I then create a brush to the dimensions I see fit for the design, and then 'colour in' the parts i want (not bothering whether I go outside the 'outline')

Hope this helped

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

Useless fact:

The sketch that formed the basis of my 'bookworm' submission is
1.5 in x 1 in


I didn't actually understand "make me straight" until I read it in a comment. I read it as "make me flat iron." Clearly, I am not up on hipster lingo.


Hah I like the text. If someone tells you to take it out, that be just LUDACRISSS.

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