Power To The People

Design by mindtrance

Power To The People by mindtrance on Threadless
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mindtrance profile pic Artist

It's a girl with the kite actually.


I agree with ThisIsSketchy, at first I thought the kite was maybe one of those shopping mall speakers floating around! But I really like the idea otherwise. 4

asher27 profile pic Alumni

looks like one of the men are a bit... excited.

i hate yellow shirts though.


i get it, and it's cool. $4

mindtrance profile pic Artist

It doesn't have to be on a yellow shirt, it would work just as well on a light blue shirt with a yellow electricity. :)

mindtrance profile pic Artist

oh - old fashioned kites had ribbons tied on the kite, hence why it might appear weird to some of you.


hahahahaha ^^^^

well now that I got that out...the idea is cool but I think that it could be better executed. The kite is the most awkward part...I thought that it was a ski-lift car that had broken off or something and was somehow trailing wires on the ground...probably the only one that thought that...

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