Come Together

Design by velvetsamurai

Come Together by velvetsamurai on Threadless
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Fuck there's too many good subs today!

d3d profile pic Alumni

this is cool, but i'd love to see it in white on blue

danrule profile pic Alumni

I agree with staplefish, about a more graudal progression from sketch to solid.

But this still kicks all get out.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

The only part I don't like is the little hang man game there on top. Other than that, I really like this.


Great idea

It took me awhile to catch it.
I first saw the 12:00 at the
bottom and wishing it wasn't
there. Then I noticed there was
plenty more doodling around
and then my brain did a little
"hurray" when it figured out
what you did.


Anything with birds gets my vote.


love the bird.. not sure about bits of the doodly frame. 4


i agree that the doodle frame is pretty sweet but then the cat tails seem a bit out of place like they come form nowhere... maybe tying the doodles into the bird as well, makign that look more like a sketch than a cutout, however the execution of your idea is sublime. mad props. $5

Terry Citizen

love it. original & beautiful.


I heart it much. My only complaint is that it's sketchy and then BAM a box. Very fun, though.

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