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bortwein profile pic Alumni

I don't know about the burgundy, but the Natural color looks great. Nicely done.

telaine profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comments so far. Keep 'em coming!

If others think it should be a little smaller, that can be easily fixed.

telaine profile pic Artist

Hmm, there's no heart -- but maybe the leaves kinda form two heart halves?

Anyway, the one thing that's not shown larger in part is the movie film "grass." That might be what you're wondering about.

For a larger version:

Also, it's a little subtle on purpose but the leaves are flat symbols in music (as the petals are treble clefs and the center is a whole note).

Thanks for the interest. :)

telaine profile pic Artist

kristinj: I used a flower to symbolize the beauty and roots of technology. The way music, movies and computers all work together is kinda amazing sometimes.

indieflea: I understand how the music might not jump out right away. It was intended that way - you're not slow!

I just really wanted to illustrate something that meant something to me and then see what the voters think. :) I'm taking all your comments into consideration; thanks again!

telaine profile pic Artist

thanks beanie!!! :)


so beautiful.....5$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

telaine profile pic Artist

Thanks again to all those who supported my design.

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