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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah this is really cool I love teh fade out on teh boxes


Very nice. I like how smooth it is.



its the answer to stairway to heaven!


I like it, the colors are really refreshing:)

Luke... profile pic Artist

thanks everyone for the great comments, glad to see that some of the irony of this design is working out... i was playing with alot of open ended meanings, hoping that it left the fun in the interpurtation.


i dont like the end because then people would ask me what it means but if its just a prtty disign then cool

Luke... profile pic Artist

if someone were to ask you what this design meant...
your best reply would be:
"what does it mean to you?"

and it is always fun to answer a difficult question with another equally difficult question...

Luke... profile pic Artist

big giant bowls full of 'thank-yous' to everyone for the kind words...
i am glad many of you are seeing the different levels to a seemingly simple concept&design...i am very happy that you are enjoying it. as i would reeeally like to see this one printed...

Luke... profile pic Artist

it was meant to be a bit cluttered...somewhat dream-like.
yes it was created to have meaning, but i designed it so that it would be vague enough that the viewer could interject his own ides into it.

the circles needed to be placed somewhat randomly so as not to add another story element. they can mean alot of things...but they are there to add more of a feeling...hopefully a confusion...since they are all over the place and kinda crazy looking and even going over the edge, i thought they would confuse....
while the circles confuse, the orderly and systematically breaking up of the sky by squares is both calming to that confusion, and adds another element to the story...it is a peaceful sky that is breaking apart, yet it is still peaceful, so there is a calmness to the design [which the colors also support]...

then you throw in the very bold road sign 'end', which is where the 'circles of soft confusion' are their most abudant, and also where the breaking of the sky starts or ends, depending on how you look at it. the sky is peaceful after the end, or it is peacful before the end...but there is a definite 'change'...

and to sum it all up, you can see this design wasnt created to have a specific message, but to convey and evoke emotions and concepts in a very abstrat way.
i think it was done successfully, and if it causes you to think then it was very successful.

Luke... profile pic Artist

well i didnt want the design to take you somewhere, i wanted the viewer to make up his/her own mind as to where to go...this was just a starting point, or rather the 'ending point'....


love the design of the white breaking up the blue....thicker to thinner..very cool, love the squares

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