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awww, Sweeeet!!!


Please forgive my jadedness, but this is just a line drawing of an engine... my husband, a Jeep engineer, could get this out of any text book he owns, as well as off the internet with a five second search. I don't see why anyone should get $1000 for something so easy and unoriginal.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

nice subtly of color...and the hand-drawn feel creates a nice balance to the detail...

franx profile pic Alumni

very cool.


christ tesko, this is crap


kaloyster profile pic Alumni

hey tesko, are you the same tesko over @ whatsthatsound forums? nice design too, my friend!


hey cool i think its a 5

d3d profile pic Alumni

i like it. if anything i'd have liked to see some kind of alternate fuel reference, like a cloud raining stright into the carburettor or something, but i'd buy it as is too...if it weren't white.

white lines on a red tee would be nice though. right?

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

No, I like this on natural, the light line work with the baby blue contrats the reality of what a car engine really is... a big hunk of dirty metal that pollutes our air, but we love em don't we?

Is that a MACK truck engine? v8? It aint no lawn mower, I know that much!

Ava Adore

lol, of course where else from. good ol images!

nice work man!


it looks like an emo kid tee shirt only in white. but this is an emo kid website, right?


5$ for the time put into this. (=

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Very well drawn and an cool idea. A 5 but I wouldn't buy it because the shirt is way too light. Is there an option with a dark shirt as well?

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Would look great clean or with oil stains. Who could ask for anything more?

Nice drawing...just very well done.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Hot damn.

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

I hope this one gets printed on a different color! The more I look at it the more I like it!

asher27 profile pic Alumni

you deserved much higher :(
at least a 3

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