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Just a thought - it might be better with the full word 'checkmate'. Here in the UK, that symbol is called a 'tick', rather than a 'check mark'. Good clean drawing though.


i got it. and it made me laugh that no one else did.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah I figured that out from teh expression I just wish teh faces werent anime in style just my preference .. nice idea though makes me want to re sub my own chess design

plastikaa profile pic Alumni

the logo looks like it could be a great fashion label - i dont like the placement and size of the drawing though.


But it's not checkmate. The King can move--heck, the king can take the queen. :(

Okay, I'll stop whining. It's really quite stylish.


i too love the characters. but no words.


i haven't read the comments, so someone else might have pointed it out already; but, this is not checkmate. sorry, but it kind of kills it for me ... and i would assume for anyone who actually plays chess.


i don't like the way the king's face looks. it reminds me too much of BRATZ.

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