Plugged In

Design by maggock

Plugged In by maggock on Threadless
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I love the purple.

Very neat design, and I like their hair, heh. I love how they're sitting right next to each other, and not even talking, just typing. So sad.

The girl's legs are a bit weird, though. It looks ok for the guy, but I really don't feel like a girl in a dress ought to be sitting like that.


It's flawless. My favorite of your sxsw so far.



Love it! All three colors look great. $5.


my favorite sxsw sub. original and well thought out. $5.


I love this design, & would probably buy it in the purple. I also like the yellow on black, but I think the blue on maroon is just too bright. Sort of makes your eyes go all wonky, and not in a good way.

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