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mikemills profile pic Alumni

D'ye know what my favorite Helen Hunt movie is?


i get it, twister. it looks like it should either be in the bottom left corner (closer) or add something under the illustration. it looks like its cut off


It's good, and I understand why they're there, but the big circles seem to overpower everything else.


Great Idea. Definitely Cool.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I like it .. not enough to wear it but its pretty cool and it would be tough to get it to work on any other color than white iI have nothing against white tees .. do all of those who do have problems eating and are worried about stains?


I love the idea... but I think it is strong enough on its own, without having the game board actually on there. Having it in your face almost weakens the design. I'd buy it... especially without the board on there!!!

Best of luck!


this shirt would my my wed's @ school so much fun... lounging after class with friends.... taking pictures and just shooting the shit... AND PLAYING TWISTER! *high fivers

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