Under the Sea

Design by Seabasss

Under the Sea by Seabasss on Threadless
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wow, first to score and to comment...
i know exactly how you feel, i have a pool and i still get thoughts of something coming and nipping at this little piggy.
I'm loving the art work, high quality. Not exactly my style, i don't think i would wear it on a shirt, but none-the less, solid design. solid 4


And with this, you've cemented your place as my favourite designer on Threadless. This is amazing.
Red's my favourite, but green works too.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

You're rapidly becoming one of my favourite designers on here. $


very nice.

staffell profile pic Alumni

This rocks. I just know one of your designs is gonna be printed. Absolutely.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is really realy well done ..I love your style and your ideas


Gorgeous. I think I like the blue best, but the teal is really nice too. $5

I will buy any endangered girl of yours that's printed.

jublin profile pic Alumni

i love your artwork dude. All of the shirts you have submitted so far deserve to be printed. keep up the great work.


WONDER! i love it! I think that it would be even funnier/more impact if one of the mosters were about to go after her toes. I missed them when I was looking at tit he first time

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I just wish that the vertical edges of the water box were not so straight, but maybe had a slight curve or wave to them. Very interesting illustration.


I like your style but I preferred Strangers with Candy by a factor of 10 to 1

Ava Adore

very nice, great colour choice


man want them to make all your designs......hope thie one and strangers gets made. The best ones Ive seen in a long time.
The sea turtle rules!

Seabasss profile pic Artist

Hey ACANTHUS, I find the big idea with a pencil and then finish it up in phtotshop or illustrator. I usually work over a scanned drawing, but with these I have just wacomed it. Thanks for the feedback!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

I'm officially a fan of your work. I wouldn't wear one myself - yet - but I'd buy one for my wife in a heartbeat... 5$


You are very talented.


Id so sport this out. :P I love cute things. <3 Toes are too cute! and the floatee looks like a giraffee! <3 id so buy it.


This is very awesome.

Of course a 5$

Seabasss profile pic Artist

I thought about that, making the girl look real cute and innocent with blonde hair, freckles, and pigtails. But what I wanted to go for was a cute girl with a darkside. Like is she really going to be a victim here? Or is she making herself the vulnerable bait on purpose? If this was a comic, the next drawing you'd see is her biting the head off a fish that she just caught with her bare hands. and still she would show no emotion because she's kool like that. lol Man, I'm getting deep. Thanks for the feed back.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

very nice border-breakage, very nice line quality, very nice colors,
well basically overall very nice illustration...
love her big toes, and that cranky lookin turtle...

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