5 Days 'til The Wknd

Design by jaylovestheguinness

5 Days 'til The Wknd by jaylovestheguinness on Threadless
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I really dig the paperclips making words to show how freakin boring work is and how much monday mornings suck. But maybe you should just say mondays. cause i think it's more to the point and plus it's not just the morning that sucks on monday :D 5$ if some changes are made.


i love this. ^^ FIVE BUCKERS!!!


i love the stray paper clips at the bottom 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

it's sad i do this all day when im bored at work. I have an impressive collection of abstract paperclip art, and i will wear this to my exhibit's opening! Love it how it is, but perhaps just a few more stray paperclips here or there for added effect.

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