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This is the second golddigger-themed shirt I've seen today. Sigh.

asher27 profile pic Artist

semanti theft- i cant help that me and another person thought of the same thing over a week ago and submitted it.

yes, its somewhat similar to gold digger in thought, but it was inspired by the gorillaz song 'feel good inc', as irony, because love does not (in most cases) last forever and neither is it free.

asher27 profile pic Artist

bouncingdropkick... are you a bouncing souls/dropkick murphys fan? cause i <3 the bouncing souls.

yeah i was thinking of doing that (mixing the dollars and the wings) but it didnt look good when i tried. and yes, men do it for money too, but not nearly as much as women.. (although im a girl myself... but yeah.)


ha ha ha

not a gold digger so wouldnt wear it, but this is pretty hilarious ... very appropriate down here in SW Florida, I tell you what

mezo profile pic Alumni

Generic male/female restroom icons.

Mixed with generic hearts.

Those are dollar bills?

And wings?

Nice distressing, though. For that, a 1.


You're going to offend a lot of ladies with that there design, but it's pretty good, at least. You should actually make the wings coming off of the guy's heart penises, though, if you want to be really accurate.

asher27 profile pic Artist

its an ironic interpetation.

"love forever" -and thats why theres a 50% divorce rate?
"love is free" -and thats why theres pressure from society to marry a rich person and if you are married to buy expensive, mindless gifts for your spouse? it goes even beyond that, like spending so much money to compete with relatives for christmas presents, bringing love out of the tradition (i know my shirt design does not show that...)

i just feel that money and love are intertwined in most bad relationships.

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