Forbidden Fruit

Design by sarahrae

Forbidden Fruit by sarahrae on Threadless
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franx profile pic Alumni

the main image has 5 colors but the outside ones seem to be only 4.

i like it on and brown best. black might look cool too... 5, nice job.


I think that the slate shirt is best... but could probably live with the brown or scarlet.

Luke... profile pic Alumni
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i see where you are going, but i am not totally sold on the white outline, maybe if it or the whole graphic was like vintaged...ummm, i mean aged, well, y'know with like little cracks or faded out lookin....vintage...
very nice concept...


brown or dark blue.. dont LOVE the image, not bad though


light blue seems really pretty =]. But lemme get this straight... what is she doing?


is water around her? donno...if she is light blue works best...honestly i dont understad the meaning of it :-(

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Looks like the girl from One Hot Minute by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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