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nes-k profile pic Artist

thx :) ,

(it 's the clothing of the statue)


I see other people getting away with using darth vader trimming a tree and now this... If we can use other licenses then that is a different story... what are the rules here?


hey Cap you made her drop her book...


If Lady Liberty's hand is going to be
colored, then her face and other hand
should be included too.

This could actually happen in the
comic book Marvel universe . Captain
America could borrow Giant Man's
technology to become huge and
Dr. Strange or the Scarlet Witch
could do some hocus pocus to get
Lady Liberty moving.

Good work, nes-k !


Hilarious, excellent work.
I hope to see more submissions from you.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah its a nice idea .. but the toes arent so hot .... fix them up


patriotism is for losers


if there are no license issues we'll see what they allow other people to get away with... jeez


lol i'm no patriot but this is some good stuff lol. I'd definitly wear it. And i'm getting sick of people making a big deal out of all these shirts lol. I see no reason to get all worked up over these things. But anyway.. I like how it isnt that detailed...


...this shirt isnt cool because its cool to be un-patriotic... k

make liberty green and the hand holding will be more readable

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