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The cat is awesome. I love your style.


I like the concept of the iPod being there, but it doesn't really seem to blend in very well with the rest of the image. I'm going to toger obrien and hijaktaffairs. The man and tape-cat are AWESOME and should be more of a focal point.

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and one comment from me to me :) first of all thank you for all comments...i think i pod is the mostly known mp3 player of whole wide world...mp3 player = ipod...2 X 2 = 4... then how can i describe mp3 player to all ? please think one second and then post your comment...i know u dont want to see more ipods , me too but thats the reason...thank you again for all comments...applepie69 nice fantasy man ;)

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and one more thing...please use skip this submission without scoring button if you dont like the really bored of same score designs! the good and the bad at the same sick with it!...please dont score if you dont like the design also if its mine...have a nice day...


i enjoy this. definately would buy it.

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