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I absolutely love it... perfectly random! I think that the design could be a bit bigger on the shirt, however.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

no, not at all, but I guess.... well sure some people may use butter but that's not what I'm going for

well this is awkward

now everyone will think of beating the meat instead of the wonderful world of talking hands and butter when looking at this design, ha

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well emptygenius is an 18 year old boy, we know what he's thinking about! what's up spanky?


love this shirt.


oh please oh please explain it!
otherwise we are all wondering, and feeling all yucky and stuff

Robsoul profile pic Artist

There is no meaning, just the simplicity of randomness.

I drew the talking hands and I just wanted them to say something completely odd, something unrelated.

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ahhaha - Average Score: 2.01


Robsoul profile pic Artist

oh yes, I think you are refering to the Country Crock Butter commercials, where the people are talking but all you see are their hands... god I hate those commercials... and they just started up with that ad campaign again.


You are all teh wrongz0rs-s-!!!
But seriously, folks, it's Parkay. Used to be a commercial where two hands would bicker back and forth over whether it was butter or Parkay.

Country Crock is a completely different beast--this whole world crafted around two people's hands.

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