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short circuit

Design by karateburger

short circuit by karateburger on Threadless
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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

some of this is really cool .. even teh random green cloud .. but he buildings are too flat if you were to just add teh side that yod also see at that angle it wouldnt bug me as much .. that and make teh telephone pole at the same angle


hear hear! i dig the concept and the rendering of the power lines. and i think both wullagaru and deekinz have good made pretty good suggestions. right now, the mass of speech bubbles look like a "random green cloud". perhaps changing the colors will help with that. you might even want to consider tweeking the transparency so the buildings behind it show through, or maybe leave them as outlines [no color fill]. i don't know, all up to you. i'm just blabbing to myself here.

good stuff.


It's a cactus building! (those need less water)

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