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azrielen profile pic Alumni

Haha that's a really tall sprinkler. Maybe if it was closer to the ground, it would be more immediately evident what it is. The hose going into it looks really thin, too. I thought it was a mic stand at first.


I like it...5$

d3d profile pic Artist

i live in australia and we have a billion kinds of sprinkler so i really didn't know what would be most recognisable. i figured it all boiled down to the head of it regardless of it's base.


d3d rocks


the message isn't clear, and not ambiguous enough. The design is pretty much cheese design.

There is nothing about this shirt that speaks to me, so i rate it fairly low.

btw, this site isn't fake, if you read the rules and what it's about, you know that even the highest rated shirt designs aren't guaranteed to be printed.

d3d profile pic Artist

message.......yeah a girl having a waterfight with an inanimate object is bound to have a hidden message.

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