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I agree. It was well rendered, but what's the motivation behind this shirt?


"One doesn't have to be in the armed forces or directly involved to become wounded or affected"

yes, but one has to be in the forces to receive a purple heart. I agree that such a honorable medal shouldn't be worn on a common t-shirt, it kinda diminishes the meaning of it.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

Love it! Perfect.


I like it.

"I guess it's somewhat of a response to the war and Katrina. One doesn't have to be in the armed forces or directly involved to become wounded or affected. I didn't intend to make light of or disrespect the medal."

The text, should it be added, should be on the back of the shirt.


not really feeling the idea behind the design
its rendered well
but we need to take attention away from war
not glorify it
shouldnt we get medals for saving lives as well as taking them??


Agree that this is an insult to earners of the Purple Heart. Zero.


great art always stimulates mixed responses - that your shirt got everyone talking makes it an automatic 4, cause i'd wear it makes it a 5.


I really want to give this a 5$, but my grandfather received a purple heart when he was in vietnam. I feel like i'd somehow be cheapening his award by wearing this shirt. it is really well done, though.


I guess I'm a little old school...nobody should buy this shirt. 1. Anyone not in service and not wounded should never wear this. 2. Anyone in service and not wounded should wear this. 3. Anyone in service and wounded would never wear this. Shouldnt be made...thats my take.


I wouldn't wear it nor would I like to see anyone else wear it.
Thats just me
There is truely so much in this brilliant world for you to vent your artistic expression, maybe try something else.

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