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Luke... profile pic Alumni

amazing illustration....love the colors on the main pic....my only crit would be that the fish seems to have a bit to much detail, when balanced with the rest of the design...


Wow. So much action and drama in only four colours. Amazing.


awesome!!!!!11 again!!!!!

franx profile pic Alumni

nice! this reminds me of a couple of "Pooks" designs.



OMG Your design is the equalness of awesome. This is the best design I have seen in like two weeks. YOu get a 5+++++++++

Ava Adore

nice work!

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

5 for my BFF.


this is phenomenal...i would buy this


Very nice... nuf said!


wow! this shirt reminds me of this comic called pirate club.

the shirt is kick ass definatly the green...man I hope they make this shirt.

label profile pic Artist

Yeah green is my favorite as well. I think there are not many designs in threadless on forest green so this would go quite with it.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Hot! It's designs like these that I keep coming back to threadless and scoring every submission. The illustration is top-notch, but I have a few problems with the design...mainly the area between the boy and the fish. The detail is in three areas (four counting the tree) and everything else seems to be overly simplified and distracting.

Great design, tho.

label profile pic Artist

Thanx you guys! Appreciate your comments.
Grayehound, I know what you mean. When I started making the design I added alot of detail in the background but the I realized that the load of detail distracted you from looking at the main theme of the picture which was the boy catching the fish. I didn't want the viewer to keep his eye off that. Thanx for the C + C .

label profile pic Artist

Thanx you guys!
Get your last comments and votes in.... just one more day!


I'd like to suggest...

Make the fish a shark. Adds to the whole "dream" effect.

But that's just me.

jacob dehart

why is zach on this shirt?!

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