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I agree with bortwein's comment that the shirt color should be something other than white, and the image should have a light-colored outline. I personally would like to see a shirt color other than black! I think slate colored is a fine suggestion.


not on white, but i like the idea. might try some other positions for the graphic too


If the shirt is orange, that would be sweet! So far, looks good!

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thank you for all coments. yes this versions's resolution is lower orginal size is more clean. there is a man on the photograph paper, he will commit suicide. and may be it can look much good on the diffrent color


you loose points for no knowing what end of the pic comes out first.
The wide white line has the developing solution in it
When the picture is taken it goes through two rollers(near where the photo come out.) that push the solution up on to the photo.
I like it though.


yeah.. I figured the man on the photo was commiting suicide. The resolution of the graphic is a little fuzzy, I'm not a bad fan of suicide/murder themes, the photo looks the wrong way around, and the camera itself looks a little small especially for the photo it's producing.


i get the concept.
(from the title)
but the image just has way too many technical issues. . .

also - if you reduced the sunset to just two shades of orange, you could make the shirt other colours.



I totally missed what the figure in the photograph was doing. I would suggest revising it so that this is much clearer; it certainly brings a whole different meaning to design (passive observer/active participant).


i love this - andthe colors kick my ass

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