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bortwein profile pic Alumni

Where I think Little Red is very well represented, the layout on the shirt looks off to me. The bullet cases look like Sausages and the "OMFG!" (Oh My F'n God) I really don't think is needed at all for the shirt. This design right now is sub-par, but could be revisited and made batter with just a few amount of changes.


Yeah, no text.
And what's in the wolf's stomach?

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

Great girl/style . Just one thing , the black color gun gets lost against the black colored tee shirt.

On a side note, I wish I'd known that this shirt was being submitted! I submitted my own Little red riding hood design 2 days ago, so when the 4-6 day waiting period is over, please don't think i copied the theme (even though it's completely different).

d3d profile pic Alumni

love the girl, but i think the gun could be replaced, maybe with an uzi, and i don't think the type is needed at all.


yeah give the bullets a little more work, maybe try and make them flying out of the gun other than falling in a pattern.
Definatly loose the text looks way outa place, the image itself speaks volumes


i agree with almost everything said, no need to repeat. i'd make the changes and resubmit. you couldn't stop me from buying it, then.


Lalala is this an imaginary gun OR IS IT THE SAME COLOR AS THE SHIRT ITSELF


little red riding hood is a total babe now i would totally get ride of the "OMFG!" ... i mean wtf!

azrielen profile pic Alumni

Lose the text and it's a big fat #5 from me!


$5 without the text.


yeap... loose the text…
the illustration and the concept are great! Keep on!


Yes, without the omfg and I would adore it.


as has been said, lose the text

good design overall


Wow. Enough said.

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