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Holy shit, that's funny. I love how concerned the owl looks.
I would buy this, but I'd have to avoid my reflection because it'd send me into fits of giggles.

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That may be so. Im sure there were several variations of the slogan. The one I most distinctly remember however was "Give a Hoot! Read a Book!" Though far less clever (considering it didnt rhyme), this phrase was seen in countless grade schools across America. Feel free to consult your local library. They probably still have a poster hanging up.

  • agrees with hindley.
    fly away little owl!
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I love how the first comment persuades everyone else's.


"Give a hoot. Read a book" was Krusty's slogan from The Simpsons...which explains why it doesn't rhyme or flow right, it was made as a joke. And this shirt is definately funny, especially since it looks as if he's about to preform cunnilingus on it.


When I first saw it, I thought the guy was going to do some crazy science project on that poor owl or eat him. My mind was not in the "other" gutter, haha. I do remember that slogan though.


This fails for being incredibly unfunny =(


HAHAHAHAHAAAH! Funniest shirt I've seen all day! HAHAHAHA!


Wow. You're retarded, just like this shirt.

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Wow, I didnt think my character would be attacked just for coming up with this. Thanks for being so much better than me HotShit. It's good to know someone out there is. Ass.

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Anyways, this is crazy. This shirt is like Kathie Lee. Either you love it and want it to go back with Regis, or you despise it... and call me names.

So, for those of you who love it, I'll make more like it. And for those of you who hate it, I'll never make another shirt like this one again.

Thank You


I was annoyed at first because it makes no sense, then I laughed. I like the owls perplexed expression. I dont like it on red.


I don't really get it.. =/

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rye won't mealy met bit.. =|

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