50 Shades of Gray

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50 Shades of Gray by Papa Squat on Threadless
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Papa Squat
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Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are just two of the fifty shades of gray. Here are the rest.

YaaH profile pic Alumni


Papa Squat
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All of the shades are labeled with their own name which include: whale white, seattle gray, iced slate, new hope gray, black pepper, chalk white, whitestone, feather gray, gull wing gray, thundercloud, genesis white, misty gray, wolf gray, bunny gray, distant gray, white water, stone white, smoke gray, sweet innocence, black abyss, medieval silver, knight, christian grey, anastasia steele, cobblestone path winter solstice, silvery moon, chantilly lace, white diamond, besalt, fortress, seal point, ancient point, wedding veil, charcoal fog, flint stone, coal dust, pelican island, shadow dance, rockaway beach, cavalier, silver half dollar, marilyn's dress, sweatshirt gray, oyster shell cityscape, iced cube silver, gentle gray.

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I would lose the label, the idea is very good.

Adam Lawless

..........................................genious $5! GENIOUS!!!!


Love the idea!

NGee profile pic Alumni

Nice idea. One thing though: it looks like you have 'cobbletone path', not 'cobblestone path' in the design. Easy fix, but just wanted to flag it up in case you'd missed it.

Papa Squat
Papa Squat profile pic Artist

Thank you NGee for the heads up! Thank you all for the comments and the great scores so far!

zoe Healing

great idea anyway ...

krisren28 profile pic Alumni



❤ yes pan tone nuts love it 5 $

Papa Squat
Papa Squat profile pic Artist

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