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bortwein profile pic Alumni

The buildings could stand to have more contrast off the shirt. Right now the hammock seems to be floating in mid air.

I like the illustration very well done.


Yeah, I totally missed the little trucks at first glance, too. The greyish color could be darker, but this rocks.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

haha, it keeps getting better, well done


I know that if I were a client with the criteria "New York: Home Of The Superspecies" that I'd want something disparaging.
That and I don't think I "get it."

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great design&concept....
my only crit would be to add some more detail to the vehicles....only because they look out of perspective with the items that they are carrying....what i mean is that the trucks and helicopter look far away, but their cargo looks very is a contrast issue.....maybe just a simple yellow or white outline on the vehicles would help...
but i really love it....



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