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Robsoul profile pic Alumni

It's up!!! 5 + $

EZFL profile pic Alumni

your on such a higher level then everyone else here. all of your work is excelent.

5 and buy as always

franx profile pic Alumni

man! you can draw. amazing use of color too. 5!

Ava Adore

excellent work again!


the same style as ever, but really nice!
the concept looks great too...


good highlights...

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Well, well, well, there ya go raisin' the bar higher and higher. My fav thing about this design (and this is something I love about all your work on here) is the use of the shirt color as the fifth color. The one problem (I didn't see earlier, sorry) is the shadow doesn't hit under the tip of his left boot. It makes it look like he's on the edge of something. Other than that, this is patented Mr Rocks rockin the threadless world. Nice job!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Artist

travis: I've never seen that site before. These colours are from my 'Ice Cream Irony' sub, except the green shirt and dark green line work.
Thanks for the link, some great limited colour combo's on there.


Nice, nice, and nice:)

Luke... profile pic Alumni

great illustration...lovin' your style...the time, effort and talent shows..small crit---might look a bit better if both eyes were looking down at the pizza[yeah, it is a very small crit, from a fellow illustrator/designer] it


Great job with the illustration, but I think it would make an ugly shirt, at least I wouldn't wear it. But great illo.

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