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Is that a gun or a gas nozzle?




someone has to say it..... your work is great far greater than many that i have come across your visions are unique and that is whats great about your work ..... this piece i feel in no way comes close to anything you have done in the past .... please don't change i know you are just experimenting.... but please don't change YOUR STYLE

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

It kinda looks like a fly.


love the gun. drip needs fixing.


love the drip. gun needs better pic. it's just not clear to me what i'm seeing. but i enjoy the overall picture, how it looks on the tee. so that's good.


reminds me of giger's biomechanic work

i like the gun - i hate the drip
not just because it is large, flat, and symmetrical in shape, but it doesn't look like it is coming out of the gun
but i agree it would look off-balance without some sort of counter element (especially if the design is on white)


That bone gun is rockin' ! ! !

Great design

I wish the drip was real small and just barely
starting to come out of the barrel. That way
viewers would have to get close to the design
to notice that the gun had just been fired.
It would be a little bonus for taking the
time to look at it more than just a glance.


gun looks cool! but for me 'd like it smaller on the design

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

cool, reminds me of eXistenZ

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