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4 Color Swatch Palette

Design by mariofan

4 Color Swatch Palette



5 for the creative use of 4 colours


Interesting stuff, the pattern and colours work quite nicely~ I like it, and I would seriously buy and wear this. I'm looking forward to your next submission.


awesome idea and execution. I think I would wear this.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Incredible & ingenius.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like how it looks on Black better than the White. But: I'm having trouble giving this a high score right now. It's probably because I feel like the design is too simple. I know what went into creating the design, but I feel like it could have been done with just a web color conversion in photoshop.


It's neat to look at and its
swatches may show up
in futures designs.

way to go, Matt !


that's genuinely amazing! I looked at it and did a double take at first, it really looks like so many different colours! really cool $5

mariofan profile pic Artist

Cheers peeps, this is the first time a shirt of mine has had such a positive response!! Thanks.

Process wise - it was quite easy, due to using red yellow and blue, i was able to make a few patterns that changed colour really easy with minimal adjustment.

Lets hope we do see some of the swatches on future designs!

Thanks again, and i agree, the vibe here is getting better again.


shmoopa profile pic Alumni

FIVE for your four colors !

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

wow... great idea. 5


I'm lovin' it. ;]


...but it doesn't have more than 4 colours. It would be great if you could now take this a step further a put together an image based design, using your swatches - the palette could be a tag on the bottom of your shirt.


First $5 of the day...this is so well done. it is also such a tribute the threadless competition much with so little...


this is nice. its the computer color swatch and looks cool far away and close. i likey

d3d profile pic Alumni

clever but ugly. in the wider world where the technology to print millions of colours actually exists the point of this would be entirely lost. i think it needs something extra like a title or label to make the point to random viewers that it really is just a combination of 4 colours.


i love it.
i hope soooo much that it's printed.
for me annnnd my graphic designer uncle and aunt


I agree - try making it into an image/design now. Clever use of four colors.

jublin profile pic Alumni

thats really cool, but i dont know if i would want to wear it on a shirt. Still, really cool stuff.


i definitely like it in the context of this site.
but like someone else mentioned, it doesn't make much sense out there in the real world.

but still, i like it...



mariofan profile pic Artist

thats it!


I can see this one getting printed Matt, good work fella!

mariofan profile pic Artist

Hey Webbins!

Yeah, lets hope so! Need to start putting new bits on here weekly. You have been busy - some great subs!


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