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thats a lot of head 0n the beer. i dont think ive every seen anything like that in real life. it would be more realistic if there was a moderate amount of head on top and a more steady stream running down the left side almost reaching the bottom.

the handle seems disproportionately entended for this angle. it has to come out perpendicular to the mug and be realistic.

what are you going for with the diver? man? woman? creature? are they happy theyre in the beer or are they drowning? if you werent going for anything in particular i would suggest going for a woman (think of your target demographic) and make her happy and hot. id like to see what other people think about this.

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i think the head on the beer is ok, as i imagine the person has only just jumped in....maybe make the foam smoother and less texured? really nice tho, love the colour of the diver :)

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