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Damn, that's a shame. Anyone got a link?


i sold shirts by Bene-Tees in high school as a fundraiser for some environmental club or other, and they had this very same design. The caption was something frightfully idealistic, but the image was almost identical. Looks like the company is out of business, so no link available. sorry


Totally been done before. It was for an Green Peace or Earth Campaign. Searching for the shirt now.


I've seen the shirt as well. A couple of them. One had a number of zebras in it, and in all cases the stripes and legs of the zebra were better integrated with the bars. This zebra looks just pasted on.

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Yeah they do...oh well.


^ "clever"
obviously alot of people don't read all the comments before commenting...

which I find helps me make a better judgement and also prevents me from sounding like a clueless twit

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I guess he hadn't seen it before.
Kind of like how I hadn't seen it before.


not yellow. it's cute though.

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