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Honestly I think it's a fantastic design.
I'd been waiting for you to submit this since waaaaaaaay back a couple months ago when you first posted the idea in the blog forum.
I love the message behind it.
Not sure I like the placement too too much, seems kind of off to me for some reason... maybe if the hand was more towards the top corner?
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definitly a good idea, and the puppet is really well done.....but the severed floating hand bugs me, and unfortunatley i don't have any good tips on how to fix it.


i really like the idea, but something about the execution is bugging me-

i think color as kevindujour said for the hand and puppet would help.

there also seems to be too much empty space - maybe you could enlarge the whole image, and increase the angle between the hand and the puppet so it increases the tension and stretches the image across the tee farther, and place the hand higher up in the corner.


5+$. dark blue.

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