Room Noise

Design by Tofu_Rok

Room Noise by Tofu_Rok on Threadless
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It appears the person is sitting on an invisible
chair and is just hunched over her shins.
If she isnt' sitting, then she is in some sort of
a weird standing position. I think the dark
blue shadow at her feet moves me to
see the image this way.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

I didn't see the invisible chair until I looked a second time. and I agree, as well, that the posters aren't necessary and are a bit distracting being so perfectly rectangular and all. Nice drawing and easily one of the best Eisley designs.


^not really.

this shirt is sweet, i hope it gets printed id buy one 5$

Tofu_Rok profile pic Artist

Well its near the end, just want to say thanks to those who supported me.

rinzii know, i really hope this wins

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