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Love At First Sight

Design by kreamy

Love At First Sight by kreamy on Threadless
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l love this. $5

l think its freaking cool man, love to see more stuff in this vein.


I had a 5 and $ initial reaction, but
then I thought, " Is the guy smiling
because he can see up her dress?"

Then I quickly figured he's looking
into her eyes and not up her dress, but
I hate having that same question
pop into other people's mind if I wore
this shirt.

Can you put some white pants
on the lovely tall lady?


i love that they have the same sweater on, only his is long sleeved.
i don't think anything needs changing,
and please,
god forbid,
no white pants!

finkenstein profile pic Alumni

oh my god this is adorable!!!!!!!

slender fungus

holy shit i love your style and this shirt so much punctuation doesn't even matter


what about white shorts?

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