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arremgee profile pic Alumni

Change 'u' to 'you', add a question mark after 'who invited the monkey' and an exclaimation point after 'party'.

5 now, add a $ if you fix your errors.

(I feel like an english teacher D:)

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

No, text stays. I don't get everyone's fear of text. The text makes it awesome.


Because without text, people actually have to figure it out wihout it being handed to them. It makes it more interesting.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Stylish text can add to a design.


love it. but what choice of colours are there.? just the natural and purple? or is the black one a choice too? cos the black's the best. and it HAS TO have confetti :P


I'm a sucker for animals, it is a lot like "Secret Pizza Party" (which I own). It's perfect the way it is.


I like the way the text looks on the original better than the updated version. Caps lock scares me sometimes.

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