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I usually hate unicorns, but this is spectacular. Not a fan of light-colored shirts, though.


I'm not much into horses, nor would i ever think to wear one, if the shirt was a different color, i'd be down. As far as the horse needing work, or it being un-realistic (funny in itself) i like the fact that it isn't "perfect". i think that if it were "stylized" it would lose its charm and i don't think i would be as likely to wear as it stands now.


Awesome. I love it. I want it.


unicorns horn? hey, thats funny. Might wanna swap it for a cornet horn - but I like the lo-fi nes of it - quite appropriate. At least he dosen't have an iPod coming out of his head. :D


really nifty idea, but the composition of the image and especially how the horse is drawn is really lacking. i'd LOVE this if it were better executed. :3

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