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Once upon a time, not too long ago, “lucky” rabbit’s feet were available across America at every mini-market and pharmacy checkout. They dangled from key-chains in unearthly colors: toxic lime, turquoise, fuchsia ... a whole rainbow of animal cruelty! Well, if the foot was lucky, just think about sporting the whole darn bunny (or what’s left of the critter anyway).

I expect this would require simulated process printing. The design could wrap around the side, but I don’t think it is necessary. The text on the left side of the chest just reads: Lucky. I think it helps cement the joke, but again maybe not necessary – please vote for the design and say in the comments if you think it needs the text or no.


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oops ... first line should probably read "rabbits' feet" ... darn that misplaced apostrophe!

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^ Thanks, Dad. If it gets printed, I'll buy ya one.


cute :)

Adam Lawless

I hev 2 rabits at home, juz fed them a minute ago ... LUV THIS ONE! IT WORKS!

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Thanks voters!

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Down to the final hours -- thanks all!

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