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Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Artist

Here's my third and last sub for this challenge. Some of you might have noticed, all of my subs have been taken during my trip to Beijing, China back in 2008. And this shot is no different from the others. This was taken during my last few days in Beijing, on a drunken October night with my boss/drinking buddy. We went to this rock club called MAO Live, totally hammered to watch a couple of local and foreign acts, after which we wandered the street and hutongs of Beijing to drink some more. Anyhoo, this is a photo of the lead singer of this European band (which I don't know/remember their name) who played that night. Their music was a concoction of hard rock, blues and reggae. I love this photo because I'm not much of a photographer (I leave that to the pros), but this is just one of those one in a million shots taken with my Polaroid (serendipity?) i733, a 7 mega pixel, point and shoot camera that turned out great.

I call this piece The Offering because as a musician myself I know how it feels to be at the mercy of your audience and the direction of your music during the course of your performance. Being onstage is also kind of a spiritual experience for some of us.

Here's the link to the original photo:

I hope you enjoyed this little back story and my design :-)

Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Artist

Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you would not down-vote my sub. Thanks :-)


It's a very cool photo... but be warned that it's illegal to use someone's image without permission. Might be why you're getting a bad score.

Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Artist me when I say I tried tracking down this singer but to no avail. I think there's a fine line here with what you are accusing me off. Are you a lawyer? Neither am I. Maybe the Threadless suits know better, right?

I wonder if all those photographers taking pictures of people and publishing them in magazines like National Geographic are committing something illegal? Is it illegal to take photos of a street performer, tribal people in jungles or a crowd in a concert and publishing them? Please enlighten me with the legalities as you so quickly accused me of violating.

I'm getting bad scores because this is a competition, and people will down-vote potential rivals plain and simple. Sad to say but it's a dirty trend going on in this community. For me, I will always score designs fairly, basing them on my own personal criteria. I'm also a firm believer in karma. Thanks.


Personally I think it's a great entry and can't imagine there would be any ramifications re: the singer. It's your photo, you own the copyright.

Have a look at my entries if you so desire!

Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Artist

^thanks Josie :-)


Wasn't my intention to upset you Joe... What I was referring to is called "right to publicity". You can read a little about it at:

No, I'm not a lawyer, but I have had a little experience taking event photography which required any person captured in the photo to sign a release form giving permission to publish.

It's an awesome photo you took! There's no question about that. P.S. Down-voters suck. Such a shame it's part of the site.

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i'd go see this band just based on this photo.

Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Artist

No worries, I'm just a little over-protective of "my babies" as each and everyone of them is a part of me. I guess it's really up to Threadless to take it down if they think I've violated a guideline.


badnobe profile pic Alumni

nice work! 5$

Joe Conde
Joe Conde profile pic Artist

By the way, if anybody recognizes this fellow, please tell me where I can get in touch with him. Thanks :-)

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Bio-bot 9000
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great photo, but the placement could use work.

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