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dudmatic profile pic Artist

Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.

This shirt has bright green numbers on a royal blue shirt. turn off the lights, and glow-in-the-dark ink reveals the secret of 42.


another hitchhiker's guide this week:) cute and cooooool

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

whats nice about this shirt is that you can be a jackie robinson, or mariano rivera fan by day, and a douglas adams geek by night. $4

jasmintee profile pic Alumni

Ha ha cool, I have a hitchhiker's guide sub up this week too! 42!!!


I am so $5-ing it...


omg I was about to say how you can buy 42 shirts lots of places, but OMG THE GLOW IN THE DARK, HGTTG FOREVER. $555


Hilarious! I had just started reading this book when I found your design! Great taste!


AWESOME! I'd buy it!


sunshine69 has a point, the typography is so nice taht i'd like to see it by day as well

dudmatic profile pic Artist

you can still kind of see the glow in the dark ink.

it's more translucent than transparent.


nice! much better than last critique version!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

TOTALLY would be better with Sunshine's idea of just having the 42 be the glowing part, which could still glow when it get's dark out. I didn't like the original 42 as it was pretty generic and not just not well designed unlike the glow in the dark part, and that solves the problem!


I'd actually drop the glowing altogether and just leave the 42. 'Nuff said. HGTTG refs are always good...


I love it but I too think it could use more than just glow ink for maximum effectiveness. Still an awesome idea.


I'd like this better if the words were there normally, not as glow in the dark. As it is, I give a 4.


maybe still have the words glowing but like, a lighter colour for daytime notice-ability? if it was that i'd $5

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