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Ilya Yavnoshan
Ilya Yavnoshan profile pic Artist

Speech bubbles have always looked cool to me. They've been used in virtually every medium. I thought having a speech bubble that you can always carry with you might be a cool concept, so here it is! Just one color, and looks good on many shirt colors.


Like it!

YaaH profile pic Alumni


Talking To The Ground

I like the icons, but the placement is not working for me.

Still, not bad dude :D


I like the concept and the placement and personally prefer the blue to the purple. I'm glad you utilized both fill and outline speech bubbles to add interest - nicely done!


Like it. Nice design!

Ilya Yavnoshan
Ilya Yavnoshan profile pic Artist

Meant to bump my blog, that's embarrassing.

biticol profile pic Alumni

I totally dig this. $5! BTW thanks for voting my collab with arinesart


Ah finally up from the critique. Nice. This is nice and unique. $5


I dont know how i missed scoring this one so long. Nice work.

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