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i love you Ngee


again with the leaves? can you people stop it with that photoshop tool. good color though

NGee profile pic Artist

I'm not going to be able to prove it, but you'll just have to take my word for it that the leaves were all drawn from scratch - please don't make judgements based on assumption...have to admit I used the elipse tool though.

NGee profile pic Artist

Actually, that would have been a much quicker way of doing it...blast!


As usual; another quality submission. I'd buy it.

NGee profile pic Artist

Just a question: is anyone noticing that the red leaf is shaped like a heart? I understand if people don't like the design but there was an idea in the title.


i like the concept... but the orange sun kinda turns me off... could you change that with something else? not sure what... maybe a little more complex design, like in the "who i am" shirt, but not exactly like that. =)

i love the colors and the "heart" leaf.


Very simple! Very...autumn-ish-erson.

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