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kevlar51 profile pic Artist

A Snow White pin-up. I felt a negative space approach on a white shirt was a nice way to emphasize the "snow white" skin.


Nice concept. You really need to have it on a white shirt if you want the negative space/white space idea to shine through. In my honest opinion I think you need to work on the upper body a bit more to make her a little less masculine. I'm almost tempted to say don't have her eyes and brows because the clothes and colouring alone are iconic enough with the apple. Good work though. Sorry if I've been too negative.

kevlar51 profile pic Artist

@robfuzzard--thanks; you aren't being negative at all--you're being constructive, and that's always very much appreciated!


Great use of negative space -- love it! $5


Looking good man! Nice composition with the negative space. :)

walmazan profile pic Alumni

Love it!

Instant $5


I love the new take on a character that I never really liked that much before.

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