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Night and Day by cpdesign on Threadless
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cpdesign profile pic Artist

This design doesn't have a major concept to it other than two hunters, an owl at night and a hawk during the day. I wanted to do something different, so tried a different style of drawing in photoshop and something less comic book style like I usually draw. Hope you like it. Designed for navy blue and black shirts. Thanks for any votes and comments.

soloyo profile pic Alumni



Really awesome design. I especially like it on the navy $$$

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone! I struggled with the colors on this one, so if anyone has any suggestions or dislikes please let me know. I appreciate the help.

citizen rifferson
citizen rifferson profile pic Alumni

fantastic illo, love the composition and I reckon the colour choices are pretty spot on, I like it most on the navy Tee

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Thanks citizen rifferson! Wish I would have featured the navy blue instead of the black. I also had a brown shirt with brown tones, but figured it wouldn't go with the night and day theme.



Boiled fly
Boiled fly profile pic Alumni

awesome ^_^

Jules Eff
Jules Eff profile pic Alumni

Wow, love the detail in your work! $5


I love the contrast and detail!


absolutely cool!

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