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3D Shark by Mosquito88 on Threadless
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While I had this placed in the critique section, mr spiers told me that a similair desing was to be found here: www.sharkenergy.com

Personally I think it is different enough to have no problems with copyrights, plus, I came up with the idea myself and never heared of that brand before.

I hope you like this!


I like the blue and green versions much better than the grey.


Placement could be better. I think this is one of those designs that needs to be seen altogether to get the effect. Just seeing "SH" doesn't tell me why the shirt is awesome.


To be really honest, the shark out of type has been done a lot.


looks just like the logo from Shark Energy drink


cool in blue / and 'shark' in front part only. nice!

Mosquito88 profile pic Artist

thanks for al the (honest) comments! :)

zenbolic vision

this is simple diffrent and unique i love it and u choosen all the hot shirt colors good color choice u got!! % 5 wish u luck!

Skap 1er

like the blue!

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