3 Dogs Looking at...

Design by DeadPoetic_Underoath

3 Dogs Looking at... by DeadPoetic_Underoath on Threadless
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hey - why haven't you subbed to blik yet?

your little creatures would be perfect for that contest.

Captain crayon

More crazy goings on! Top stuff.


I love everything you submit.


I love your style so much.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

It's a nice design as usual, but I agree with the first comment. I'd love to see something different.

kooky love
kooky love profile pic Alumni
3 designs submitted - Score now!

Look at this!

i agree w/ rudra.
your style compatible for blik.

Ava Adore

hahaha, awesome

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

I really like this one as well man. A background would have been nice maybe? Still, I'd wear this!

treebeans profile pic Alumni

i want them on a poster!! 5$

Big Ed

You're really, really talented and one of my 3 favorite subbers but I'm afraid I think joshamman is right, your stuff is starting to all look the same.


Nice style..i want all your designs printed, they rock! 5 and buy!!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

I would love to see drawings you did as a kid. Where did your imagination come from?? 5BUY, for the three dogs and the floating, cussing carrot.

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