Fly Away

Design by _pixelchick_

Fly Away by _pixelchick_ on Threadless
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Very nice, but I agree, BIGGER. I like it, though.

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I love it on the brown, i would also love it on forest green, if you had that as a choice. I also agree that it needs to be lowered down to the bottom, but kept on the side like it is.


This is very cool. is this a vulture/condor? I think if the bird was some sort of hawk, it would fit the cool whispy lines better. overall though, very nice....5


I love love love it, omg. One of my favorites!! 5$!

Ava Adore

nice design


Very pretty. I like the dark blue the best.


very nice, i would like it better if it was centred and a bit bigger. chocolate shirt for me!

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