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lame name i know.. this is my first design so feel free to help me improve it..

3 colour halftone on black

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XIV will love this one, as do I.

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L-M-N-O-P on Jan 26 '12 XIV will love this one, as do I.\

Yep. May look better with the penrose triangles a bit off kilter. Would help with creating a bit more movement and pull some of the attention away from the copy/paste astronauts.

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@FIDesign thanks for the comments, i originally had it without the lover triangle but it was looking a bit top heavy so i added the lower one to even it out. Feedback left ;)

@xiv thanks i actually didn't think about it.. how much would you suggest moving them and in which direction.. i played around with them and at one stage they looked like the star of David.. which obviously wasn't going to work

thanks L-M-N-O-P


Awesome design! loving the neon colours

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i forgot i wanted to also thank Manos for the Flash template! :D

Thomas Orrow
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More distortion perhaps? Looks good enough to print though 5 The best first design I've ever seen!

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@Thomas Orrow.. that is the coolest complement ever.. thank you very much.. Where would you like to see more distortion?

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Artist

@Thomas Orrow.. that is the coolest complement ever.. thank you very much.. Where would you like to see more distortion?

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Artist

was so nice i said thank you twice XD

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i absolutely love this design!!! great colors.. PLEASE PRINT THIS!! $$$555


Did you notice this? This is a place for all your comments on this design. Please, no self promotion and no links to your own submission! Please don't.


Awesome work!



I agree with Thomas Morrow, really really nice first sub! You are gonna get far in here.

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@Manupix, why yes, i did notice it, but i chose to ignore it. Why? you may be asking yourself? You might not have noticed, but i did not spam every single design i score in the past 24 hours, but rather a select few of really talented designers that i thought might be able to help me become a better design. What better motivation that having someone like that tell you that you are doing something right or perhaps needing to improve in a certain area? you may also have noticed that i never linked my page to any of yours. To be honest i decided only to do this for my first submission to get some opinion from designers that have inspired me.

To everyone else, i appreciate all the comments and critism that i have recieved from you. Thank you very much!

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Wowowow, lovely zombie astro freakout here, really dig this after sifting through hundreds of lame space tees.

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Hearing comments from guys like you with tees that have been printed really motivate me to keep on going.. having taght myself illustrator an photoshop i haven't been thinking so highly of what i can do.. i appreciate it!! :D

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love the colors mate, hi5

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as what manupix said, spam is spam. but don't sweat it, many new people have gone through what you have. the best way to get feedback is to create a blog asking for one. participate long enough in the community to get recognise and it should come naturally.

as for your design, love the colors you used. definitely fits very well on the tee. only fault i can find is that the top looks slightly too squarishly framed (the way the stars cut off) i'd prefer it to look more like the bottom where it tapers off nicely. All in all, very good job!

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Thanks Agrimony. Idid feel i may have rushed the stars a little. in hindsight i actually wanted to have stars fading off into the shoulder. dont think it'll be a big enough change for a resub.


Hey, this looks really good! It's balanced well, and I really like what you've done with the colours. Hope to see more subs from you soon!


Looks pretty rad!


Brilliant $5

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Very Cool

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Artist

Thank you very much all!

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Absolutely cool!


5$ c'mon print the rad space tee


niiiice work! 5$


Awesome colour on the black, Nice work.

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Thanks everyone for the comments, i will keep the constructive crits in mind :D

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Artist

Thank you Wharton. Hope i can just keep improving.

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Artist

Thanks Tager01. i certainly im holding thumbs. lets hope i got enough i'd buy its :D

_EffinSweet_ profile pic Artist

Thanks Zen Studio

and thanks again to everyone that voted


Congratz :)


totally awsummmmm! congrats for youuu ;D

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