Bleeding Heart

Design by sweet7ooth

Bleeding Heart by sweet7ooth on Threadless
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Ava Adore

great illustration


Not on white.. But crimson or maybe even the dark grey.. yer.


Such a sweet illustration! I'd love it on a shirt but mabye not how it is now. The design is pretty tall, which forces it to be smaller on the shirt to fit, making the detail difficult to notice, which is a shame caus it's so good! What about cropping it from the bottom of the flowers to the top of the girls hair? (In a landscape rectangle). love the colours and the white tee.

Fantastic work.


the illustration is good. i like it alot....
but if i see another freaking shirt with a girl with her head down eyes closed and a "i am either going to you or myself" sense, i might puke or die.

Pacifique profile pic Alumni

I'm gonna have to agree with jennarito. Very similar to 'flowers in the attic"


It's gorgeous, but I think there's too many colors. D:


this is the first blow-my-mind amazing design I've seen all day. Simply Brilliant!


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