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titus toledo
titus toledo profile pic Artist

to the binary gang: how about shoving and saving those "0s" and "1s" in the spirit of whatever makes you happy? how about some honest-to-goodness-scoring-good-times-for-a-change?

and while we're all at it and only as a social experiment, how about if we all vote five?

is it safe?

can it be done?

are we experienced?

hi ho!

titus toledo


Yeah baby! Rock & Roll 5!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

V is for...


that's just awesome


You guys probably mean V for VAGINA. In symbology, "The Sacred Feminine", which also happens to be the Roman numeral equivalent for 5. In which case, I am truly honored as a woman and as a feminist. Titus, you really are pushing it. $5

emeryg profile pic Alumni

5 fingers to you & hi ho!

PS: thats one scary vagina!

titus toledo
titus toledo profile pic Artist

thanks all for the insight, especially eva. you are right. from a certain angle and in a certain light, it does resemble the 2nd most beautiful creation the universe. oh well-- vortex or vagina-- we see what we want to see. i'd like to see more fives, tho: hi ho.

mxnx profile pic Alumni

GO VAGINA..$5 for that..WOHOW


it is a vortex vagina! haha! ok

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